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Following the aftermath of the destruction to the city caused by the criminal mastermind named Crofar, John’s world flips upside down. Not only does John have to hunt down Crofar, but he also has to figure out his own problems. Everything around John glitches out of existence and reappears as if it never left. Simultaneously, John’s visions of the future start fading away which may signify his death.

A team of soldiers called the Renegades, John’s best friend Chase, and a feisty girl named Hazel are not experiencing what John is going through. In a sudden change of events, John’s surroundings vaporize and all that is left is darkness and the voices of his dead parents.

A small glimpse allows John to see the hand of his mother, injecting his neck with a serum that allows her to control him like a robot. The rest of John’s future is now out of his control and there is nothing he can do to change that. It’s time for fate to take the wheel, or maybe this was all part of a plan.

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The robotic way people smile is John’s first inclination that things are not quite as they seem in Grand Siles. Attending his last year of middle school, the boy’s parents are forced to tell him about a plot so abominable that it upends John’s world.  At the age of fourteen, everyone is “vaccinated” with a Tracker for Globe (TFG); a biological implant that makes people controllable. John is supposed to get his shot the very next day, and he and his parents devise a plan to put a stop to the TFG once and for all. Things don’t go exactly as planned.

Warning his best friend Chase about the TFG, John enlists his help at the shot clinic, but when things don’t go according to plan, the clinic erupts in a firestorm that leaves both of John’s parents dead. Suddenly finding himself orphaned, along with Chase and an irrepressible girl named Hazel the three of them find themselves in the world of the controlled, where they must try to escape the notice of this powerful society and its leader.

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What They’re Saying

My son and I were kind of fighting over who would get to read this first. He's stronger than I am but he was a sweetie and let me win. We both loved this book. What an impressive author. Keep writing!

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Dr. Patricia Eroh

I bought this book for my 14 year old son. The morning after the book arrived in the mail, he feigned an upset stomach (I fell for it) and stayed home from school. He read the entire 300+ pages that day and is eagerly awaiting a second book! Through out the day, as he was reading, he would pause and say, “Mom, this book is so good!” And to read a book written by a teenager—what an inspiration.

G. Faubion

Read the book and blown away it was written by someone so young! Looking forward to the follow up...series. 🙂 jK Rowling has nothing on him! My girls have read all the harry potter countless times, hunger games, the maze...etc. i love his angle with the “visions”. Opens up so many opportunities for additional stories. Seriously...loved it. Look forward to seeing how his writing continues to mature...his future is now 🙂

John Manross

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I marveled at the ingenious sequence of events as they unfolded from this young writer. This is a worthwhile twist on a familiar theme. If you like sci-fic action thrillers, this one is worth it.

Amazon Reviewer

Pretty cool book. Not a bad weekend when you can sit back and read a great first novel by a young writer. Looking forward to what the future has in mind for this rising star.

P.B., Arizona

An Amazing book!! It is written so well.

Amazon Reviewer

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I would strongly recommend this book. While this book is listed as a young adult book, it is much more than that. This is a very well written novel with a tight plot line. The vocabullary is adult level. When I started reading it, I had difficulty putting it down. I am old enough to be Zachary's grandfather. Put aside any prejudices you may have about reading "young adult" books and read this book! You will be glad you did.

William A. Moore

I just finished Zach's book and I was very impressed!!! It held my attention to the end and it sort of reminded me of reading the Hardy Boys adventures when I was young. My grandson has it in his que to read but I am looking forward to the next one.

Amazon Reviewer

Loved this book! How wonderful that a boy so young can, not only, come up with such an intricate theme, but also, convert his ideas into a spellbinding novel. I am looking forward to the sequel and what wonderful new thoughts Zachary can imagine and write about.

Amazon Reviewer

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My 11-year-old son can't put this book down! I caught him "sneak-reading" it late last night in bed w a flashlight! I'm looking forward to reading it after he's done

Bryn Defusco

Best book in the whole wide world.


I got this book for my nephew as a gift and he absolutely loved it.

Allie Peters

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A Holo World" is a wonderful sequel to the first book, "The Uncontrolled". Zachary takes the reader on a journey through unimaginable obstacles and events which are completely unexpected. It is spellbinding and kept me so intrigued that I did not want to stop reading until the end and, even then, I wanted more. What a creative mind this young man has. I suspect he has a very bright future as a novelist!

Amazon Review

So impressed with this young man’s writing! This sequel to The Uncontrolled does not disappoint. The characters draw you in and keep you guessing. Just purchased a couple of extras as stocking stuffers!! Recommend to Teens and Young Adults who enjoy Sci-Fi.

Amazon Review

The sequel nicely continues the creative story with familiar characters from the first book. Excellent storytelling, well-written, and the topics are more relevant today than they were when the debut novel was released. I hope this teen author continues writing and sharing his creativity with the world.

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