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It all began on a trip to NYC when I was five. I couldn't read yet, but I wanted to understand every sign and billboard I saw. I began putting letters together and for my birthday a few months later, I was requesting the fourth book in the Harry Potter series. Reading allowed my mind to explore and create stories, and as a young child I began filling them with colorful characters and sharing them with anyone and everyone who would listen. Since then, I’ve progressed quite a bit to formulating longer and more complex stories and eventually completing my first novel, The Uncontrolled.

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Zachary works with Reading is Fundamental ("RIF") as one of their literacy leaders. RIF is the largest non-profit children's literacy organization in the United States. RIF provides resources such as books, STEM-themed classroom activities, professional development for educators, and parent engagement materials.

Pictured below from left to right:

Zachary with Alicia Levi, RIF's President & CEO.

Zachary at RIF's headquarters in Washington, DC spring 2020. 

Zachary filming a commercial for RIF discussing the importance of reading and writing.

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“I think the presentation was amazing.”
– 2nd grader

“It was good [Zachary’s presentation] and I will add his book to my summer reading list.” – 4th grader

“I think his presentation was very inspiring.” – 5th grader

“I read through his entire slide presentation and was intrigued. I will want to read this [his book].”
– 8th grader

“He inspired me to write my own book.”
– 6th grader

“He’s inspired me to think more about my own books and what I am writing.”
– 8th grader

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"Thank you for a wonderful presentation this afternoon.  What a great example Zachary sets for young people.  Zachary, your determination and self motivation is amazing.  Your presentation was engaging and to the point; easy for young minds to follow and not lose interest.  I am looking forward to you visiting our school again next year."  

 -Christy Hilliker, B.A., M.Ed.

Librarian/Instructional Resource Asst.

Sequoya Elementary School, Scottsdale

"Our students were thoroughly engaged with Zachary's relatable presentation on the many benefits of writing."
-Chuck Rantala, Principal
Hohokam Elementary School, Scottsdale

"Great speaker and relates well with students. Students found it fascinating how Zach was so close in age, and have accomplished so much. Inspiring to all children."
-Kimberly Keck, 5th Grade Teacher, NBCT, Kiva Elementary School, Paradise Valley

"Zachary Astrowsky recently visited our school on two different occasions to speak to both our 6th/7th graders and our 5th graders. His presentation was very well organized and easy to follow with his PPT presentation and relevant topics that made it relatable for our students. The students and teachers alike, appreciated Zachary's candor as he shared his journey and the writing process. We would love to have Zachary back and can't wait for his next book!"
-Emily D'Ambrosio, Librarian, Copper Ridge School, Scottsdale

"Zachary kept 200 3rd-5th graders highly engaged on an afternoon in May!"
-Linda Tardie, Instructional Specialist
Hohokam Elementary School, Scottsdale

"He gave really good details on why reading is important and why you need to learn about ELA (English Language Arts - Writing and Reading) in the real world."
- 5th grader

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“It will inspire me to read.”
– 8th grader

“This just helped me because I am not a huge reader so this helped me think about books in a more positive manner.”
– 8th grader

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